Creating a Healthy Work Environment for Everyone


We all endure stress in different ways regardless if you are an entrepreneur or work for someone else. People have personal and business goals to achieve. As individuals everyone comes from different walks of life with career changes, family obligations, ethnic backgrounds and personal growth. It’s important for individuals to eat healthy foods, exercise,try to reduce sugar and caffeine intake and having the proper recommended amount of sleep.

Here are some healthy tips for employees working in an office:

  • Arrange healthy snacks in the office such as granola bars, protein bars, fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Provide an array of wraps and salads during lunch and learn meeting sessions
  • Limit a certain amount of drinking coffee or tea with caffeine during a 7 or 8 hour work day
  • Coordinate morning and afternoon 15 minute group breaks with stretching exercises or walking within your building
  • Reducing negativity comments
  • Offer gym membership discounts
  • Provide sufficient vacation and sick time for employees
  • Be flexible and understanding

Here are a few beneficial tips for people working from a home office: 

  • Keep healthy snacks near your office such as fresh fruit and vegetables and granola bars
  • Walk away from your computer for 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon. Try to incorporate stretching exercises for your hands and neck
  • Sit on a medicine ball to help your posture
  • Schedule client meetings at healthy coffee shops such as Panera Bread, Starbucks or Cosi and order salad or wraps
  • Take a brisk walk around your neighborhood or the beach weather permitting
  • Join a gym and set a goal of going 3 to 4 times a week
  • Essential to schedule vacation days off with family and friends

Adequate sleeping goals for everyone

  • Studies show adults should be 7 to 8 hours per night
  • Shut off all electronics a few hours before heading to bed
  • Limit caffeine intake at a certain time of day
  • When recharging our bodies with the proper sleep. People are more productive and are able to make efficient business decisions

Reducing stress and creating a healthy work environment is a team effort by everyone. People are much happier and more productive. They will enjoy coming to their office each day. It’s a win win situation, because the employees and business owners feel stronger stronger about themselves. The end results are clients, customers and prospects will benefit in working with jubilant individuals and executing outstanding customer service.

Cheryl Henchar, is the founder of Cheryl’s Creative Services.  Cheryl is an educational speaker on educating small to medium size business and nonprofit organizations the values of email marketing and integrated online marketing tools.  Cheryl is an Authorized Local Expert speaker and certified with Constant Contact. Cheryl hosts a variety of educational seminars and webinars for various organizations such as local chambers, Rotary Clubs, libraries and private organizations. If your organization would like to schedule a complimentary seminar. Please contact Cheryl at (203) 249-0487 or by email.


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