A Thanksgiving Thank You for 2015


Thanksgiving is all about feeling blessed and recognizing people who are important within your personal life and business career. 

It has been a wonderful and thankful journey in 2015 for Cheryl’s Creative Services.  I left Corporate America in June 2012 and founded Cheryl’s Creative Services in May 2013. There are many peaks and valleys when starting a brand new career and branching out on your own as a small business owner. I have been thankful to many people in 2015 to help Cheryl’s Creative Services gain growth. 

  1. Built new business relationships by attending local networking events and business conferences.
  2. Opportunities in finding new clients.
  3. Continuing building stronger working relationships with current clients.
  4. The opportunity in becoming an Authorized Local Expert Speaker with Constant Contact. I really enjoy my speaking educational events on email marketing and integrated online marketing tools. I have conducted educational seminars in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. This has provided me with new opportunities in meeting an array of business owners within different industries. 
  5. Being an Authorized Local Expert Speaker with Constant Contact. It has opened the doors for Cheryl’s Creative Services to host weekly educational webinars. It’s been a great experience with attendees globally participating in the webinars.
  6. This past year, I have met a bundle of business colleagues who have guided me along in different areas of running a small business. 
  7. A special thank you to the Authorized Local Expert Speaker Metro team business colleagues and Constant Contact team leaders. 



The Importance of a Sales Funnel for a Business

How often does your organization review the sales funnel? 


I just recently attended the Constant Contact National Solutions Provider Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was an excellent conference with a wealth of information. I enjoyed seeing alumni’s and meeting new faces globally. This conference was all about ” Learn, Share, Inspire” from each other.  One of the key highlights for me was the importance of a sales funnel for a business of any industry and size. Building healthy business relationships and engaging with people generates inquires, qualified leads, opportunities, revenue. 

Let’s review the funnel process. 


  •  Online-presence  with the prospect calling on the phone or sending an email 
  •  A referral from a client/customer 
  •  Direct mail response 
  •  Received a response from a brochure or a flyer

Qualified Leads

  • Ask the prospects specific questions 
  • What is your current marketing budget?
  • How long has the organization been in business?
  • What are your goals?


  • Networking at Chamber events and Business Groups
  • Meet up organizations
  • Educational seminars
  • SCORE events
  • Local community events 


  • Monthly, quarterly yearly goals
  • Service layering
  • Partnerships 
  • Resale programs 

The benefits of reviewing the sales funnel on a quarterly basis

  • Keeps focus on inquires 
  • Review the revenue to see where adjustments can be made on pricing for goods and services 
  • Nurturing qualified leads
  • Reviewing new business opportunities
  • Helps to project reasonable goals and obtain them for the internal and external sales team 

60 Creative Ways To Grow your Email List and Best Practices

I am an Authorized Local Expert Speaker with Constant Contact. I will be speaking at local venues on various topics of Email Marketing and other Constant Contact online Marketing tools. The objective at my local presentations is having different guest expert speakers on various topics joining Cheryl’s Creative Services. My goal in giving educational seminars is help educate consumers about Email Marketing to enhance their learning. 

Come join us for a fun interactive group session and learn how to grow your email list with “60 Creative Ways”. Do you currently use Email Marketing for your business? Are you currently using Mobile Friendly templates?  This is a great review session if you are currently a Constant Contact customer. We also will be discussing the essential tools on a website. Do you currently have a website? Is it secured properly? Is your website concise and user friendly for visitors searching your sight. Please click here to register or use the QR code on the flyer. 


We hope you will be able to attend this event on Wednesday, March 11 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at Sparks Sports Bar and Grill located at 280 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT


Cheryl Henchar, Founder of Cheryls’ Creative Services



Rookie of the Year 2014 Solutions Provider with Constant Contact

I had the opportunity to attend the One Conference Solutions Provider Conference in Orlando, Florida.  I wanted to share my press release and some pictures with everyone. Attending this conference was such an extraordinary business and personal experience for me.

Cheryl Henchar Receives Constant Contact’s Rookie Solution Provider of the Year Award

Award Honors Constant Contact Partner for Exemplary Marketing Savvy

STAMFORD, CT — Monday, October 6, 2014 – Cheryl’s Creative Services today announced that Cheryl Henchar, President, has received the Constant Contact®, Inc.  (NASDAQ: CTCT) Rookie Solution Provider Rookie of the Year Award. The award was presented at Constant Contact’s OneCon partner conference, an annual gathering of Constant Contact’s Solution Providers, in Orlando, Florida, and recognizes a new Constant Contact Solution Provider who exemplifies what it means to achieve small business success, not only for themselves but for their clients. As a member of Constant Contact’s Solution Provider Partner Program Cheryl’s Creative Services is part of a network of trusted partners providing a range of different services to small businesses throughout North America and the UK. Please read my full press release Rookie of the Year Award 2014 Solutions Provider with Constant Contact.