The Benefits of Cause Marketing and Building Working Relationships


There are many benefits of “Cause Marketing” regardless size of the company and industry. Cause Marketing demonstrates social responsibility and strong leadership skills for a company and their employees. It helps generate brand awareness for consumers. 

What is Cause Marketing? Cause Marketing is a working relationship between a business and a non-profit organization with mutual benefits in helping each other. 

Consumers are more willing to purchase products or patronize local restaurants who help support local and national charities. Cause Marketing helps to develop customer loyalty with your brand. 

When I sit down with my clients and discuss an array of marketing strategies. I will always suggest Cause Marketing. I will ask the client. What are their favorite charities? Which non-profit organizations would you like to develop a working relationship with? These are essential key elements when wanting to build a relationship with a non-profit organization. There are so many non-profits organizations to choose from. Many people tend to decide on a particular non-profit from a personal experience and would like to give back. It’s a win win situation for everyone. 

Here are some simple steps a company can take with their employees.

1) Ask your employees which non-profit organization would they like to develop a partnership with.

2) Create a marketing campaign which is the right affiliation for your products and services.

3) Donate products or have employees volunteer their time.

4) Cross market with email marketing campaigns.

5) Determine marketing strategies how to promote the fundraiser, public relations publications, print advertisements and etc. 

6) Be sure to educate your target audience about the non-profit organization your company is currently partnering up with. 

7) Creates team building skills. 

8) Generate employee incentives and recognitions.

9) Be sure to post all the marketing campaigns and the results on Social Media. Consumers like to hear the final results of fundraiser campaigns.

10) Make this Cause Marketing experience fun for everyone by celebrating with a party at the end of the fundraiser event.



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Cheryl is an Authorized Local Expert speaker with Constant Contact. She speaks to various organizations such as Chambers, small to medium businesses and non-profit organizations within the Tri-State area about Email Marketing and Constant Contact other online Marketing tools to enhance their business.


5 Beneficial Tips in Writing Handwritten Notes!

We all live in the digital 24/7 world. The art of handwritten notes has been lost within the business industry. Clients and prospects enjoy receiving a handwritten note of thank you, happy birthday and sympathy. By taking a few minutes and crafting a hand written note using professional business stationery goes a long way of showing appreciation with your clients and prospects.








Here are a few reasons why it’s important to still mail out handwritten notes:

  1. Handwritten notes demonstrate as a business person you truly care about your prospects and customers
  2. Authenticates as a business owner you appreciate their business.
  3. Demonstrates professionalization
  4. It also helps to build and keep strong business relationships
  5. Handwritten notes benefit by retaining clients

I would like to share a personal experience. I just recently received a handwritten note from a new client. They were thanking me for teaching a Constant Contact Email Seminar at a Connecticut Business Summit. I was absolutely touched when receiving this hand written note in the mail.










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Marketing Is A Pie and Everyone Needs A Slice Of It

Marketing Is A Pie and Everyone Needs A Slice Of It.

10 Ways to Brand an Online Healthy Presence

10 Ways to Brand an Online Healthy Presence.

Marketing Is A Pie and Everyone Needs A Slice Of It

The traditional way of marketing any type of business has changed drastically, especially with technology improving all the time. Networking has become a valuable tool in creating engagement with customers and prospects. As a Marketing strategist, I always recommend to my clients you need to have a slice of the content marketing pie. In today’s society we are all communicating to people in so many different channels and levels. marketing-budget-piechart_022615

These are all very essential Marketing tools and should be incorporated into Marketing strategic planning. As my role as an Email Marketing specialist and Marketing strategist, I higly recommend these various Marketing tools in helping my clients to grow their business.

 Print Advertising: Is still valuable to all businesses. It helps to bring in new customers and the old customers back. There are still consumers who enjoy reading the local newspapers and magazines. Be sure to have your website and email address included on the print advertisement.


Direct Mail: Helps to generate new customers into a business for a few reasons. It brings exposure to consumers who are new to the area and introducing your products and services to them. Creating a post card with a coupon and including a QR Code to sign up for your email list is a great way of building up list.  Great exposure for new businesses within a community or surrounding areas.


Website: Be sure to have a clear concise website and mobile friendly.


SEO: Hire a professional web designer to generate SEO

Video: Create an informative video about your products and services. Be sure to direct people to your website and sign up for your email list. Inserting videos into a newsletter and announcements is extremely powerful marketing. Establish an YouTube account, because Google owns YouTube and it will help increase Google page rankings.


Online business listings: It’s important to claim your business with an online presence with Yahoo, Google Places and Bing.


Social Media: There is an abundance of Social Media choices for all businesses. It’s very time consuming in maintaining them all. It’s highly recommended to choose a few and stay current with them. Possibly hire a college intern to help with this particular task. Be sure to always update with current information on all Social Media vehicles. When business owners neglect updating their Social Media presence. It draws a picture to consumers a business maybe failing or too busy to keep up with the customer engagements.


Email Marketing with Mobile Devices: Studies are currently showing over 50% consumes are opening their emails on some type of mobile device. Email marketing is a very efficient and cost effective on ROI for small to medium size businesses and non profit organizations.


60 Creative Ways To Grow your Email List and Best Practices

60 Creative Ways To Grow your Email List and Best Practices.

60 Creative Ways To Grow your Email List and Best Practices

I am an Authorized Local Expert Speaker with Constant Contact. I will be speaking at local venues on various topics of Email Marketing and other Constant Contact online Marketing tools. The objective at my local presentations is having different guest expert speakers on various topics joining Cheryl’s Creative Services. My goal in giving educational seminars is help educate consumers about Email Marketing to enhance their learning. 

Come join us for a fun interactive group session and learn how to grow your email list with “60 Creative Ways”. Do you currently use Email Marketing for your business? Are you currently using Mobile Friendly templates?  This is a great review session if you are currently a Constant Contact customer. We also will be discussing the essential tools on a website. Do you currently have a website? Is it secured properly? Is your website concise and user friendly for visitors searching your sight. Please click here to register or use the QR code on the flyer. 


We hope you will be able to attend this event on Wednesday, March 11 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at Sparks Sports Bar and Grill located at 280 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT


Cheryl Henchar, Founder of Cheryls’ Creative Services



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