Why High School Students Need a LinkedIn Profile for Their Future?


Are you familiar with LinkedIn as a student? Did you know LinkedIn has a student app available? More and more colleges are currently requesting student LinkedIn profiles during the application process.  Are you currently in the college mode of researching various schools and processing your applications?

LinkedIn provides students an opportunity to craft a storyboard of their accomplishments, work experiences, volunteer experiences, awards and presentations. By capitalizing in using LinkedIn as a tool to showcase your skills and create an authentic story about yourself. It will help you as a student to stand out from the crowd in competition with other students.

I receive many inquires from people “Why do I need a LinkedIn Profile if I already have a resume’.” Here is some clarity for everyone. LinkedIn is different than creating a traditional resume’.  A resume’ is very brief and generated by using a short summary and bullet points. Once a student develops a LinkedIn profile and continues in maintaining it. They will always have a credible career foundation and continue to tweak it as they gain more experience and exposure in life.

Cheryl Henchar, founder of Cheryl’s Creative Services is an Educational Speaker and Trainer. Cheryl conducts educational seminars to students on the values of utilzing LinkedIn for their future careers. She also has offers individual and group training sessions. For more information, please contact Cheryl at (203) 249-0487 or via email.




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