5 Beneficial Tips in Writing Handwritten Notes!

We all live in the digital 24/7 world. The art of handwritten notes has been lost within the business industry. Clients and prospects enjoy receiving a handwritten note of thank you, happy birthday and sympathy. By taking a few minutes and crafting a hand written note using professional business stationery goes a long way of showing appreciation with your clients and prospects.








Here are a few reasons why it’s important to still mail out handwritten notes:

  1. Handwritten notes demonstrate as a business person you truly care about your prospects and customers
  2. Authenticates as a business owner you appreciate their business.
  3. Demonstrates professionalization
  4. It also helps to build and keep strong business relationships
  5. Handwritten notes benefit by retaining clients

I would like to share a personal experience. I just recently received a handwritten note from a new client. They were thanking me for teaching a Constant Contact Email Seminar at a Connecticut Business Summit. I was absolutely touched when receiving this hand written note in the mail.










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