Being Involved Within Your Local Community

When my husband and I were planning our next chapter of our lives of relocating from Stamford, Connecticut to Port Orange, Florida. This was a major decision in leaving behind our family and friends. We both felt deep down inside our hearts the quality of life would be better for us moving forward. Once the decision had been made. During our relocation preparation, I started to keep a journal of my personal and business goals for 2018 living in Florida. I always believed in helping within your community.  It’s a wonderful way to connect with people especially being new to the area. Living in Port Orange, Florida has countless opportunities of giving back to the local community. There are events almost every weekend.

As the founder of Cheryl’s Creative Services, I joined the Daytona Beach Real Estate Association as a business partner in July 2018.  I immediately joined the “service committee” and have met some wonderful people so far. I had the opportunity to support the ” Adopt A School” breakfast fundraiser which was hosted The Cracked Egg Dinner located in Daytona Beach Shores on June 19th.  All the proceeds helped to purchase school supplies for the children who desperately needed them including other school necessities.

I had the pleasure in working with Mayor Don Burnette of Port Orange, Florida. Mayor Don Burnette was the leader for this project.  I am sure not how many people can actual say they have worked directly with their city mayor on a special volunteer school project. The Port Orange community is extremely fortunate to have such a hands-on community leader who deeply cares about the citizens.

We are very grateful to live in such a caring and generous loving community.  On Tuesday, August 7th we had a team putting together the backpacks.

packpacks 080918

Backpacks waiting to be delivered.

Then on Thursday, August 9th eight of us loaded up our cars and trucks went delivering to the following organizations Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club and local elementary schools.  Our team delivered a total of 261 backpacks.

delivery team picture 2018

Our delivery team is ready to go.

I personally delivered 15 backpacks to South Daytona Elementary School. When I walked into the school office. The staff was absolutely shocked and very grateful for the kindness of our local community.

Personally and professionally, I feel very proud to be part of the Daytona Beach Real Estate Association and volunteering on the “service committee”. It’s a wonderful feeling within my heart in making people smile and feel so happy with just a little bit of gratitude and pride.

I am looking forward in volunteering again with this great group of individuals.